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I was going to play FF9 off the CD, and when I loaded it I couldn't use my controller. When I hit the buttons, nothing happens. My GamePad used to work with ePSXe. I also re-configured the buttons on it too. I don't know if it just doesn't work with FF9 or if there is something wrong with ePSXe. My GamePad DOES work.

I'm using ePSXe 1.4 (latest version)
Pete's Dx6 D3D Driver 1.51
Lori's Directsound Driver

I've also use ePSXeCutor and still doesn't work.....

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The fourth time already I have said this.. :) Press f4 when you think the controller doesn't work.. then f4 again.. f4.f4.f4.f4.f4... It fixes so many things.. And yet, its only one button.. For me.. I press f4 on everygame I play at the beginning of each game just to make sure I don't run into problems later on saving and using contollers..
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