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Gamepad support in actual Dolphin version

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I just downloaded the actual Dolphin Version R4525 and tried to get Zelda - Twilight Princess to run.
The problem is that the emulator ignores all kinds of commands except mouseclicks (who seem to simulate Wii inputs).
What did i set up wrongly? i tried to deactivate the Wiimote stuff, but didnt work ...
i found out how to configure the Wiimote controlls now, but can't i simply simulate that twilight princess runs on a GC?

sorry if this question is stupid, didnt deal with emulators for a long time now .. :)

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did i understand right now that there is a separate version just for gamecube? so that the Wii Version is just controllable via Wiimote or emulated Wiimote and not by usual Gamepad?
ok, sorry for wasting you time then ...
have a nice evening :)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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