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Gamepad support in actual Dolphin version

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I just downloaded the actual Dolphin Version R4525 and tried to get Zelda - Twilight Princess to run.
The problem is that the emulator ignores all kinds of commands except mouseclicks (who seem to simulate Wii inputs).
What did i set up wrongly? i tried to deactivate the Wiimote stuff, but didnt work ...
i found out how to configure the Wiimote controlls now, but can't i simply simulate that twilight princess runs on a GC?

sorry if this question is stupid, didnt deal with emulators for a long time now .. :)

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Disable "Connect Real Wii-Mote" (if you want to use the emulated Wii-mote).
Yes, there are 2 versions; the GC and Wii one.
With the Wii one, you move the character with the Wii-Mote + Nunchuck.
With the GC one, you use the GC controller. ;)
Now it's night in Spain, but thanks. ;)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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