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Hi, I'm new to this forums and I've been using Windows Vista lately for the past couple of years. When I downloaded the Dolphin Emulators, any SVN builds like lower or higher than 2745, it had this special GamePad option in the configure that allowed my old controller known as Saitek GamePad P2500 to detect every single button commands for the controller, which the option to choose for that was nJoy v0.3 by Falcon4ever. As of yesterday, I downgraded my Windows Vista back to Windows XP Professional Edition and heard about the new NetPlay the Dolphin Emulator was programmed to do (which is really cool in my opinion). So I downloaded one of the new SVN builds 2895 in this new Windows XP Professional. Then I go to Dolphin Configuration, the Plugins tab, the Pad option and I only see the two options of choosing Dolphin even pad and nJoy v0.4 by Falcon4ever. So I select either one of them and hit configure, and my the buttons don't detect from my controller in neither of them. So can anyone help me to solve this problem I'm having with the GamePad please. Also, if you are wondering about the drivers, yes I did install the new drivers for my controller from the Saitek website when I did a clean reformat to XP Professional from Vista Home Premium. If you are wondering what my specifications are, here it is:

OS: Windows XP Professional x86 Version 2002 Service Pack 3
RAM: 1.25GB DDR 797MHz
Video: ATI Radeon X1600 AGP
CPU: 2.20 GHz
Processor: Intel Pentium 4

(That's all the specifications I can think of at the moment.)

Thank you for reading this and would really appreciate it if you help.
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