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Gamepad configuration

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Is it possible to play a ps2 game which requires analog, using the keyboard? I don't have a controller and it won't let me configure it to the keyboard
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Why are you posting this in the ePSXe section?

To answer your question, in PCSX2 configure Lilypad's plugin, and configure the "Left Analog Stick" with the Arrow Keys, and the D-Pad controls can be the numpad keys. Since pretty much most of the PS2 games are capable of Analog controls you won't really be using the D-Pad as much compared to PSX games.
I believe that this thing can happen.Use the SSSPSX PAD Plugin Pressure Mod 1.7.0.I'm sure that this plugin comes with the PCSX2 when you download it.Just go to configuration, first controller and choose the SSSPSX PAD Plugin Pressure Mod 1.7.0. Then press configure then press the buttons (L1,R2,Start,Triangle...etc) and press the button you want from your keyboard when there is a message under each button of the configuration, saying : Timeout 10,9,8...
After that you can play with the keyboard any game you want...

Also you should have posted in the PCSX2 section but that's OK.It was your first post,so you are forgiven!!!
moving to PS2 plugin questions/troubleshooting.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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