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gamepad config won't save

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Hi all, this is my first post here CHEERS!!
my problem is i can't get the gamepad config to save..i have to re config when ever i restart a game.. in vista

on my other laptop useing xp gamepad config saves no matter what game i run

ePSXe with delta201 frontend with a logitech game pad

when i config the gamepad it works great ..just won't save it
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-don't use the front end, or try another -they can be buggy. otherwise......

....after you config the pad, try exporting the registry key -then just click on the registry export to reload it before you play. this is also a good way to save mutli-pad configs.
in XP it is here [if not do a registry search for epsxe]


watch these values change when you config or close epsxe [may need to export before or after closing -in XP you can close 1st]:

indeed one of the frontends is unable to save custom configs, it will keep reverting to the defaults no matter what you try. i cant remember which one it is though because i dont really use them often.

if you want to be sure, i suggest that you test out your custom config without a frontend in use, if your config does not reset then that would give you a pretty good idea of where your problem is coming from.
Thank you for your help ...I got working!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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