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Soul Calibur 2 and 3 Tekken , Death by degrees ?

I followed the instruction's on this site
And i got these games up and running
Soul Calibur 2 and 3 Tekken , Death by degrees

I play them on the emulator PCSX2 with native res and frame skip ?

I do not own an console , instead i just play PS2 games on PC !

I dont give a damn about Software Piracy, because i live in this God forsaken
country ... Macedonia ! ( just dont let the Greeks hear you say that)
Because of Greece's VETO , Macedonia is still not a member of the European Union , nor NATO
They made us change the country's name to FYRO Macedonia,and the Flag !

Here we have more than 35 % un employed, from the total population

And also , we do not have shops , where you can buy geniune (original) Retail CD or DVD of either Software or Games , Music , Movies an so on

Here we have more than 90 % Piracy... the rest 10 % are Companies which
are bound to use licencensed software ???

There are even people with mobile stands, who sell burned CD's for a 1 or 2 $
And nobody gives a damn ... the Police man pass by and do nothing
And i bet that their Windows pc are pirated also ???

So it's a poor country , but the rich are getting even richer
Supprisingly the INTERNET is dirt cheap ..just 5 $ a month

So because of these facts ..Piracy Rules !!!

I even laugh . when on Forums like this one
Where you say to people, that you can't help them
if piracy is mentioned

No i dont own a PS2 Console, from which i can extract BIOS files ?
No i do not hawe legel WINDOWS
Yes i do own a large Hard Drive ,on which i dual boot various versions
of Windows .i Have XP , Vista ..not 7 even i have it ready burn't on DVD
and Windows 8 which i use ,because it's faster than Windows 7 ...

That's about it for now ..
In the Future , if the feud Between my Country = Makedonija , settles
with Greece , and the country becomes a member of the European Union
like the experts say ..after 5 or 10 years

And if living standard, increase's , when people get jobs, pay check's get bigger ,
than today ,pay more than todays example 150$ a month !

Then i would gladly pay for my software

Today , we do not have STEAM , nor Amazon , no Gamestop
And we are Black Listed , so we can't shop online with Credit cards !!!
We do not have Stores , with legal software

So i say , i approove software piracy .. it's not so bad
like the Software companies ..Hypnotize you , with laws which are more keen
towards, them ..instead for the little people

It's not stealing .. it's just Sharing
not like i poke , in their pockets , and steal money from their Wallets !
They dont loose a cent , because i would not ever buy the damned CD's

And because they lovered the Value added taxes lowered from
18 % to 5 %
Suddenly PC Computer's got cheaper
But that's not the case with Console's like Play Station 2 and 3

I don't know why there is still no Emulator for the PS3 ?

So I , from this God Forsaken Country,i thank you for creating this great
web site, from which i found help, without even writing a post here

All the best ...

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Time has passed since the last trouble. New battles are about to start, now againb .
the small country Macedonia now is North Macedonia, because of the Greeks
now as a condition from our neighbours , the Bulgarians , n.macedonian goverment signed
again something that the Bulgarians requested, so that the country north macedonia, could start
the negotiations with the EU, so it can be acepted as a member counrty of the european Union EU
But that would still last for years , and they signed, something thats aint no good
the bulgarians say that n.macedonia should change their constitution and add Bulgarians
but in Bulgaria, there are no macedonians
The truth is that in the war couple of centuries ago ???? Bulgaria got the Pirin part of the teritory
that was Macedonia, and all the people in that teritory were asimiliated and become bulgarians
so the now days Bulgarians have Macedonian blood and Origin
But the Macedonians, with the teritory that now is North Macedonians have got werry litle
Bulgarian blood and origin
So we arent one nation two country's
they also say our language is a dialect of bulgarian language
and that Cyril and Methodious were Bulgarian, but the truth is that they were born in the aegian part of Mcedonia
that now is a part of Greece .. so they could be greek ! ? or were they ?
they were Slavic , but Bulgarians arent Slavic
if they say otherways , you could know , they are liing
Now is their chance to false ify history all together
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