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Im not sure if CheatMaster or anyone else with the resources still checks this thread, but i would really appreciate a save file for FFX. Im on a mac, so FFXED/MyMC aren't options, and trust me I've exhausted every other resource. I have all the bios files, so version doesn't matter, I'm running PAL SLUS_203.12;1 in PCSX2 beta (r2578822). I hit a glitch in the besaid temple and need any save file (.ps2) after that, thats not edited to ridiculous stats. I honestly don't care where the save is, earlier is better, just something thats not edited so i can actually play the game. Thanks

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FFX-2 crash

I was wondering if anyone could get me past the next boss in ffx-2 (europe, australia) in the cutscene straight after, my game keeps crashing no matter what settings I have on pcsx2. It's probably because i am on a mac... good on you mac... save file 3 is the save directly before the boss

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Soul Calibur 2 and 3 Tekken , Death by degrees ?

I followed the instruction's on this site
And i got these games up and running
Soul Calibur 2 and 3 Tekken , Death by degrees

I play them on the emulator PCSX2 with native res and frame skip ?

I do not own an console , instead i just play PS2 games on PC !

I dont give a damn about Software Piracy, because i live in this God forsaken
country ... Macedonia ! ( just dont let the Greeks hear you say that)
Because of Greece's VETO , Macedonia is still not a member of the European Union , nor NATO
They made us change the country's name to FYRO Macedonia,and the Flag !

Here we have more than 35 % un employed, from the total population

And also , we do not have shops , where you can buy geniune (original) Retail CD or DVD of either Software or Games , Music , Movies an so on

Here we have more than 90 % Piracy... the rest 10 % are Companies which
are bound to use licencensed software ???

There are even people with mobile stands, who sell burned CD's for a 1 or 2 $
And nobody gives a damn ... the Police man pass by and do nothing
And i bet that their Windows pc are pirated also ???

So it's a poor country , but the rich are getting even richer
Supprisingly the INTERNET is dirt cheap ..just 5 $ a month

So because of these facts ..Piracy Rules !!!

I even laugh . when on Forums like this one
Where you say to people, that you can't help them
if piracy is mentioned

No i dont own a PS2 Console, from which i can extract BIOS files ?
No i do not hawe legel WINDOWS
Yes i do own a large Hard Drive ,on which i dual boot various versions
of Windows .i Have XP , Vista ..not 7 even i have it ready burn't on DVD
and Windows 8 which i use ,because it's faster than Windows 7 ...

That's about it for now ..
In the Future , if the feud Between my Country = Makedonija , settles
with Greece , and the country becomes a member of the European Union
like the experts say ..after 5 or 10 years

And if living standard, increase's , when people get jobs, pay check's get bigger ,
than today ,pay more than todays example 150$ a month !

Then i would gladly pay for my software

Today , we do not have STEAM , nor Amazon , no Gamestop
And we are Black Listed , so we can't shop online with Credit cards !!!
We do not have Stores , with legal software

So i say , i approove software piracy .. it's not so bad
like the Software companies ..Hypnotize you , with laws which are more keen
towards, them ..instead for the little people

It's not stealing .. it's just Sharing
not like i poke , in their pockets , and steal money from their Wallets !
They dont loose a cent , because i would not ever buy the damned CD's

And because they lovered the Value added taxes lowered from
18 % to 5 %
Suddenly PC Computer's got cheaper
But that's not the case with Console's like Play Station 2 and 3

I don't know why there is still no Emulator for the PS3 ?

So I , from this God Forsaken Country,i thank you for creating this great
web site, from which i found help, without even writing a post here

All the best ...

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No biggy ..just a thought ?

I just got pissed off watching tv
with a member of the fashist party Golden Dawn from Greece
they bothered a truck driver just because he had a sticker MK
on his licence plate number

And because if them ..(the Greeks) we are not a member of the
God damned European Uninon
So i can't buy a freaking Play Station
and i have to use pirated software

So this is where this web site came in handy
i read all of the forums and posts
they were usefull for me
downloading utility apps
and memory cards,
so i dont have to play the same game over and over
(just like Deja Vu) which ai hate !
So i have from the start all the caracters unlockes
fir Soul Calibur 2 and 3 , and Also for Tekken 5

So i liked your site ,and i just had to write a post myself

Thanks or sorry whatever...
understand or not

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hi, CheatMaster this is only my request since my friend recommended me to you, can you please give me a monster hunter 2 dos saved game file which has many kushal claws? Since i can't use anymore codebreaker beacause my ps2 lense is broken. T.T ,,I am hoping if you can grant me these one request. Thanks in advance.

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Hello im new here and ive been trying to get a save like in this post. I need dbz budokai teinkaichi 3 save game. Ive already have an iso file but how do i send it
PS3 PAL save for DBZBT3 - 100% Items, all characters, all stages, 7 dragon balls and all character have red potara "fierce god"
Can someone please do this save i have tried but i get stuck in the run Boot.elf part it gives me an error. And also if someone please does this how will i recieve the savefile? Im sorry, but as i said before im new here and i just signed up. Thanks in advance!!! :)
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