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Creating Game Saves For PCSX2 (8th Revision)

Credits go to "BCM124" 1st revision, GiGaHeRz for letting me use the ISO file, "cyclonmaster" (for helping others), "Gilgamesh" (for helping others), and “Schattenberg88” creation of this guide (8th Revision)​

This guide was updated on January 20, 2010 for PCSX2 v0.9.6r1888

A) You must have a PCSX2 formatted memory card. You can do this from the Browser screen in the BIOS, or you could refer to CKemu's BIOS Guide (guide linked here)
Boot.ELF and PS2 Save Builder are located in the memcardsave.7z file.
B) You can also get this to work with Memory Card Dumps from a PS2)
C) Most corrupt files are either due to the site hosting a bad file, closing the emulator before it could finish copying the save(s) over, a bug causing the emulator to hang, or a bug in the emulator itself.
D) Free Program I use to create my ISO's: InfraRecorder (Attached)
E) Please download PCSX2 v0.9.6r1888 and December 30, 2009 Beta Plugins.

Web version located here: The Official PCSX2 Archive
(Complete with pictures)

1. Please read all above information before starting and try the guide before requesting saves.
2. Format your Memory Card in PCSX2. If you need help, follow CKemu's BIOS Guide, or download the formatted blank memory cards (formattedmemcards.7z) from the attached files below (Formatted Memory Cards attached are from the NTSC 3000 series).
3. Find the game you want from,,, and download the save file. In this tutorial I am using a Kingdom Hearts Save.
4. Open PS2 Save Builder.
5. Click Open, and then locate your save file that you just downloaded.
6. Remember the “root/ID” Number.
7. Create a folder containing that number.
8. Back in the PS2 Save Builder, Highlight all the “File Names,” right click and tell it “Extract."
9. Find the folder you just created, and tell it save. You should now have the save files in the folder.
10. If you want to do more saves, then now is the time. Repeat above steps.
11. Close PS2 Save builder.
12. Open any CD Burner Program, Put the folder on the CD and create an ISO containing that folder. (Note: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BURN A DISC, also you can add more than one folder to the ISO. I recommend "InfraRecorder")
13. Put the ISO in the same folder as Boot.elf.
14. Open PCSX2 (Vista users: right click and click the option "Run as Administrator").
15. Go to Configure --> CPU.
16. Tick EERec, VU0rec, and VU1rec.
17. Go to Configure --> Advance.
18. Click on Defaults, and then OK.
19. Go to File --> Open ELF File --> ISO Image... (Alternatively, with 0.9.6, set the cdvd plugin to read the created iso, and run the elf file from the PCSX2 file menu).
20. Locate Boot.elf.
21. Locate the ISO file that was created.
22. Press "Circle."
23. Go to “CDFS” and tell it “OK.”
24. Locate the file you created titled ex: “BASLUS-20370-02” (Could be different).
25. Press up or down to highlight the selection.
26. If you have more save files, Press “X” to “Mark” the file and repeat.
27. Once done press “R1,” Select “Copy,” and tell it “OK.”
28. Go up one level, by pressing “Triangle.”
29. Select “mc0:/” or “mc1:/”and tell it “OK.”
30. Press “R1” and tell it “Paste.”
31. When copying is finished, the folder(s) should be present on the screen.
32. Press "Triangle" to go up one level and exit the emulator.

Congratulation, you should now have the save file(s) on your PCSX2 memory card!

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schattenberg88 said:

27. Go to “CDFS” and tell it “OK”
28. Locate the file you created titled “BASLUS-20370-02” (Could be different)
29. Press “R1,” Select “Copy,” and tell it “OK”
30. Go up one level.
31. Select “mc0:/” and tell it “OK”
32. Press “R1” and tell it “Paste.”
33. This should take a while. You can repeat the steps 27-32 for other saves. Once your done, you have a memory card with save files!

If you have any questions just PM me. Thanks!

If someone (like me) were completely psycho, it might be easier to hit X on each folder (in the example it was “BASLUS-20370-02”) to mark it and copy all the saves at once.

Thats how it should look, the marked files/folders have a * beside them, the unmarked files/folders don't.

I just don't feel like copying 37 saves individually :p


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Can someone help me find a free CD Burning Program that can create ISOs out of scratch? I have one that's called Sonic Record Now, but it's only capable of making ISO copies of CDs/DVDs that existed.

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Look for apollo, which is an application for ps2 ripping, it has an iso creator in it.

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awesome, thanks it worked!!

edit: sigh, despite working I still can't get in-game with FFX. I can get to the part where you actually load the save off the memory card, but when it's suppose to start rendering 3D, it fades of to black and nothing happens...oh well. I'll wait until there's more progress on the Emulator, great work nonetheless.

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Great tutorial :D

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i got the same error as shapyi, but then i run the bios, and the memcard showed the icon of the castlevania save.
but it didnt load the game when i asked to.
could it be a PAL/NTSC thing?

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I have problem with copy and paste saves.What's is shortcut for menu(copy, paste...)?I have selected save example BESLES-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX but I pressed all buttons but no effect :(
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