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Gamecube save file structure

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Can't seem to find any detailed info, does anyone know if the save file structure of GC saves are similar to that of PS2 files, in that you have to extract the BASLUS file from within to get to the actual save data? I'm thinking of hex hacking a save and I would like to know this. Thanks.
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You're saying, you're like getting a save, and inserting it to the memory card, or vice versa? I've posted, I think, and here it is.

If not, I think you're saying, you're going to modify the save of GC?

The latter, yes. I want to open a save and hack it to alter the data. I've done this with FF12. Inside a PS2 save file is another file, a BASLUS file which actually contains the save data. I'm wondering if GC saves are like that, because opening a GCI file with a hex editor doesn't seem to give me what I want, so I'm wondering if it's like a PS2 save, and if there's a file to see it's contents, like PS2 Save Builder does. Fun, huh?
I haven't tried other GC Emulators,
But here, try Dolphin:
Dolphin -> Tools -> MemCard Manager
Naw, Dolphin's memcard manager only does import/export of .gci's into/out of memory card files. It doesn't get into .gci's.
Get into GCI?
what do you mean?
I don't quite understand.
That's basically my question. Is a .gci file like a zip file, containing within it more files that are able to be examined individually? Or is the .gci the furthest down the rabbit hole goes and if I want to hack the save, that's where I'd do it?
Aah, so meaning, it's like a pack, where you can see what it [gci] "CONTAINS"?
I haven't seen/read something related to that yet, if I have found one, I'll PM, or reply.
Exactly. I was e-mailing someone whom I was working with hacking FF12 save games, and he said that chances are, GCI's are compressed files containing the raw save data, too. Thanks for your reply, I'll search around, or maybe god forbid make my own. :drool:
Have you guys found a gamecube save builder tool? i'd like to edit some gamecube save files but need a program to extract the file from the gcs or gci like ps2 save builder 0.8 does for ps2 save files.
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