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GameCube Ports on Bottom?

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I recently bought a Broadband Adapter for my GameCube and installed it into Serial Port 1 and realized something: what are the other ports on the bottom of the GameCube for? In addition to Serial Port 1, there is Serial Port 2 and Hi-Speed Port which I have yet to discover their purpose. I looked through the GameCube Instruction Manual and the official Nintendo online profile pages and didn't find anything. So just to satisfy my curiosity, does anyone know what these other two ports are for?
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56k modem and gameboy player ( I think)

almost all Nintendo consoles have unexplained ports :p
True enough, event he original Gameboy when I first got it, I did not know what that weird connection was until I found out it was for a link cable... hey I was a kid I did not know better :p
the modem and the broadband adapter use the same port.
Bgnome said:
the modem and the broadband adapter use the same port.
Yes, I am already aware of that, I was talking about the other two ports. There are three different ports on the bottom of the GameCube. But I suppose my question did get answered with the GameBoy Player device. I was actually already aware of this device, but I had never bothered to think about how the GameBoy Player device interfaces with your GameCube. So I guess it's through the Serial Port 2 and Hi-Speed Port that the GameBoy device is able to attach to. Or is it? Does this GameBoy device use both these ports or just one of them? And if it does indeed only use one of those ports, then that still leaves one port left over. Anyways, thanks for the responses.
I think the Game Boy Player uses the high speed parallel port. I'm not sure what uses serial port 2.
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