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Hey people, Ive got a weird problem trying to run MK Deadly Alliance on GameCube. I insert the CD, turn on the console, the CD is spinning but all I get is a blank screen, no sound either. When I load the game through the Menu screen instead of the startup, the Gamecube clearly recognises the game, but when it proceeds to run it the CD spins but I just get a blank screen with no sound again.
At first I thought it could be a scratched CD but when checking it out there isn't any major scratches on it. Usually when the CD is damaged the Gamecube would put out a message saying that it can't read the CD in the drive but Im not even getting that in this case. There game used to run perfectly before, nothing has happened to the CD from the last time I played it. I got no problems with all the other games I got for the Gamecube, evens ones that are a lot of light scratches play perfectly.
Could anyone help me out here?
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