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Hello first real post this site rocks! i got codebreaker to work it works real good but does any one know of any working game shark ver. that are compatible with pSX i tired my gs2 v2 cd as an image and as an disc it booted but i got a black screen i know these cd work in conjunction the memory card unit and i have that but don't have a mean to port it to an memory card file

so my question is what game shark ver. work?

Has anyone been able to image the gameshark memory unit itself? are there links to a tut or something along those lines online

furthermore is it possible to patch an codebreaker image to include additional cheat or edit the ones in there out my codebreaker is for both ps1 and ps2 but i would rather dump all the ps2 code and put in all the ps1 code i possibly can i went to the codebreaker's website but support for that software is nil

well plz let me know if any ideals come to mind
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