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Game Save Downloader!

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This program comes with PlayStation 2 Official Magazine-UK: Demo Disc ## , and allows you to directly save completed games to your mcd from the disc. Rather a neat way of collecting icons, but if anyone of you lot have an issue that allows you to save an FFX game to your mcd, quick hunt it down :D !!!

BTW haven't been around for 3 months due to being in japan for 6 weeks and then travelling, picked up a few jap games though :D Nice to be back folks, and ****ing awesome work from you all, what a nice thing to come back to :D
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Found FFX-2 Atleast, though not a mid-way through save, so not much use :)

New game plus is rather cool though :D "linuz completes FFX-2 on PCSX2" You can imagine the storm that'd cause :D
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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