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game[s] you are waiting for most.

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What game thats coming out that you JUST CAN NOT wait to come out...
For me its a tie between "Unreal Championship 2" and "Conker: Live and reloaded" both for Xbox.
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elderscrolls IV: oblivion! so i can be reminded about how lowly and pathetic my PC is.
There is no other game I want nearly as much as Shadow Hearts: From the New World for the PS2, hence the signature and my university account filled up with 100 megs of Shadow Hearts materials and the like.
i've played koudelka and shadow hearts and found them quite enjoyable. still haven't gotten around to SH2 though.
i want FF: XII (please dont hate me)
too late. the hate is on, brother.
1. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (Next-Gen, PC) Like my system will run it! :hdbash:
2. Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Cube, or PC) :thumb:
3. Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows (PS2) :wub:
4. Soul Calibur III (PS2) :heh:
5. Metal Slug 4 & 5 (PS2) Redemption ? :thumb:
6. Tomb Raider Legend (PC or PS2) A new and better one? :spit:
7. The Legend of Zelda (Cube) Mature link? :thumb:
GCN Zelda, Oblivion and Animal Crossing DS :D
soul calibur 3(ps2),kingdom hearts 2(ps2)
Battlefield2 PC
Metal Gear Solid 4
Half-Life2: Aftermath

However, I decided not to play the hype/wait game anymore, because I just keep getting let down :|
Final Fantasy 3 (whatever console/handheld/etc. it ends up on)
Age of Empire 3
Phantom Kingdom
Meh, who cares about the hates, I am waiting for Final Fantasy XII too! :p Ah, and Metal Gear Solid 4, geez, it will be a freaking long wait.
1) Quake 4
2) GTA San Andreas for PC :p (i dont want to play it on ps2, i played the other two on PC also so..)
3) Star Wars Empire at War

Those three come to mind right now..
Fallout 3 !!!!!
Damnit! I can't wait any longer
Any new DC releases are welcome, and NGFight might become a nice game as well :p
Furthermore I am waiting for Shenmue 3, not that online game, but the third part in the saga. Though I can only hope there will ever be one....
Fallout 3 should be super interesting. Any news from bethseda regrading it, if its even gonna be previewed on E3 ? TES4:Oblivion Sounds interesting too.

Restricted Area also comes to mind, sorta like a diablo\fallout hybrid game.
im not too thrilled about most games...
im curious about how the new zelda will look as a real game, im waiting for some footage of myst5, im really expecting a LOT from ffXII, because its been in development for ages now, i wanna see if KH2 is worth the wait and if theres anything else im looking forward to, its barely worth mentioning as i cant think of it right away... i really need something to get hyped with and soon...
Hmm, well I am kinda waiting for a number of games:

Battlefield 2

Call of Duty 2

Need For Speed MW


Metal Gear Solid 4

Final Fantasy 12

Next Smackdown

Age of Empire 3

Half Life expansion
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Battlefield2 PC
Half-Life2: Aftermath
GTA San Andreas PC
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