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game freezes....

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ok.. here is the prob.. i'm at the second disk of Final Fantasy 9 (US), the very beginning of it. I have to fight Black Waltz 3. For some reason, when he tries to cast the spell "Freeze", well, my game freezes! (i don'T know if the spell is THAT great to freeze my computer!). I have the Kalisto ISO so maybe it's the iso's fault. I don'T know yet.. can anybody help me?

BTW, it's only the battle that freezes. I can still pause the game, and the music is still runing and my characters can still move (ie try to escape).
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Originally posted by mak2k
I have the Kalisto ISO so maybe it's the iso's fault.
Very likely... :)

BTW, it's not allowed to discuss illegal material here, OK? Including anything about Kallisto.

[]s Badaro
Almost assuredly that is your problem. The Kalisto version is known to have many many flaws. You just encountered one of them. Please read Badaro's reply as it explains why I am closing this thread.
Please do not post again concerning the Kalisto version. This your first warning. Thanks.
Also, you might want to read the board rules. The rules explain what is allowed and not allowed on these boards. Please read them. They are posted as the first topic in all forums.
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