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I'm looking for a really good online source that has an excellent complete video game database of every retail video game ever made in USA/JAP/EURO since the days of the NES. More importantly, this database must have unique searching capabilities such as:
- Search by country region (USA/JAP/EURO)
- Search by publisher (First-Party vs. Third-Party)
- Search by best rated games (Nintendo = Player's Choice; Sony = Greatest Hits; Microsoft = Platinum Hits)
- Search by hardware periperhals used (games that use a lightgun, mouse, camera, and other unique hardware devices other than the standard controller)

There are probably more search options that I would like, but these are the major criteria for which I am looking for. If anyone can direct me to a website that has what I'm looking for, that would be great.

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i can olny think of
if this doenst suits you, then it doenst exists....

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AFAIK Gamefaqs doesn't have all the features that he's looking for. And I'm not aware of any site with these capabilities, either.
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