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Hi, I'm replaying final fantasy VII on epsxe and every time i try to start the scene with buggenhagen at city of the ancients (disc two) , where he puts the key in, my screen goes completely black. Then some dialogue appears before going black again.
My specs are more then good enough to run this game.
I haven't had any other problems running this game so far, up until now.
These are my settings
I run the game as an iso file

my special game fixes are "adjust framebuffer access" which helps with the swirl and cursor for battles.

and i use

For sound i use P.E.Op.S. DSound Audio Driver 1.9 if that matters :)

Thanks in advance,

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We can't help you, as you sold the disks you have passed on the right to have the image on your computer.

The forum has a edit history.
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