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Hmm... thanks to the help of some people in this forum i was able to get a game loaded on the emulator!

First of all, the fps was really low... it was like 3 frames per minute. I guess I can't help that unless I get a more powerful computer T_T

THE REAL PROBLEM is that after it showed the PS2 logo (I'm not sure what you call that... the flashy stuff that happens right after you load a PS2 game), the game crashed!

The game was Kingdom Hearts - people say it has "Ingame" play. Does that mean I got a corrupted file, or is my computer just too slow?

Thanks in advance!

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first of use File->Run CD, not Run->Execute.

and you will need a memorycard save to get ingame, the video will crash the emu else

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Seungyoun said:
Wait - I don't understand. A memorycard save? How do I use that?
Thanks in advance ^^
:bounce:just load save game..... what else? Here the guide to transfer savegame into u're memory card here and here are collection of other guide. Read all others stickies for more info.

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Use Peops CDVD, GSdx9 0.8 and use Run CD. Then it should load to the menu.

When you are there, wait till 0.9 and then you could play. Because even if you enter ingame in 0.8 you will only see the chraracters (any other things broken), and it will break soon before the start.
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