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Game controllers will not work in any game

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hello all.
i hope i can get some help with this problem.
i go into the gamepad setup, and i can easily configure all my buttons and what not for my game controller (its a logitech rumblepad 2). all the buttons seem to work fine setting it up there.
but when i load up one of my games, none of the buttons work on the game pad.
i was searching around here and i have already tried hitting F5 to switch between analog vs digital mode, and neither mode seems to work at all. Then i tried my old gravis game pad pro.
same thing.

here is the kicker...
so im like hmmm...... lets just use the keyboard instead, so i set all the keys on the keyboard.
STILL nothing, and i still tried hitting F5 as well doing that.
its like there is something weird in the settings somewhere thats messing up any type of input from working.

any ideas???
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what game are you trying to play?

have you tried using PSXeven and a pad plugin (harakiri is a great one)
well, try PSXeven then. if you say "no ill only use ePSXe!!!!!" then you are limiting yourself from a possible solution. PSXeven is easy to set up, just pick up a pad plugin or two and try them out to see if you can get results.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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