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Gah! There can only be one!

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Well I posted a week back that the game ONE wouldn't work with any configurations. It was the PAL version. I tried multiple bioses, graphics plugins, sound/no sound, cdrom plugins and various other options. I tried every version of ePSXe also. Nothing will progress it past the initial credits screen.

I have now purchased the ONE NTSC version(buy a game get one free at Toyworks!) with the exact same results. Now maybe I'm missing something but is this just a non-working game no matter what you do? Has anyone ever got this to work?
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If like me u dont give a rats ass about ff9 etc threads then do as I do and dont read em :D
No one answered your thread cos they couldnt help you not cause they didnt want too,I havent even heard of that game u asking about.........
yeah Snowball would be good to have a filter for ff9 lol but then there'd be only about 5 new posts a day :)
I see you have a 1gig t-bird like me :D
I recommend you up your FSB/RAM to 150x9 like I have because you have the same ram as me too so it should handle it and it gives a better overall performance boost that 133x10.......
Try it and see how much your memory/overall speed increases.
ok Snowball heres the setup====
1 gig "axia" t-bird 200fsb with a fop32 + delta 8000rpm fan + the fan u get with the fop32 stuck on the side blowing towards the ram
256 crucial cas 2 (running cas2 with all settings on max)
abit kt7a (all settings on max in bios, chip [email protected] i/o @default)
radeon 64 ddr
s-blaster pci 128
s-blaster awe64 isa
ibm 7200 deskstars x 2 (45+13gig)
external modem
mitsumi cdrw
All I can say is in my bios I have a 150/37 (fsb/pci) setting that allows me to not over stress my pci cards so see if u have that option too.
If not then either back your ram off 2 cas 3 and retry then also get motherboard monitor 5 to check your temps arent too high or remove every card in your system and try then to c if its the pci cards that hold u back.Or put a better fan on your northbridge and c if that helps/up the voltage to the cpu/and or I/ many things it could be lolololol
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1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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