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Gah! There can only be one!

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Well I posted a week back that the game ONE wouldn't work with any configurations. It was the PAL version. I tried multiple bioses, graphics plugins, sound/no sound, cdrom plugins and various other options. I tried every version of ePSXe also. Nothing will progress it past the initial credits screen.

I have now purchased the ONE NTSC version(buy a game get one free at Toyworks!) with the exact same results. Now maybe I'm missing something but is this just a non-working game no matter what you do? Has anyone ever got this to work?
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Originally posted by Snowball 2
Hey I got ONE to work! I was trying ti use a CD image(which I neglected to mention). Apparently the CDDA did not like that. After I went out and bought the NTSC version I just ran it off the CD. Guess what? It worked!

So for anyone who wants to know use ONE only on a CD!!!

BTW Thx for the bountiful amount of replies! It sux the way only people who have "Metal Gear Solid/Final Fantasy 9/Chrono Cross won't work!" in their subject line get help. Their should be a FAQ drawn up for those people alone. It kills these boards. But don't listen to me...go answer that thread about MGS!
Maybe no one ever played it.. no sense in answering with a "sorry i haven't played this" ...
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