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Metal Gear Solid....

Ever since I've been trying to play it on ePSXe it's been skippy. Running around in the game is fine but all in-game cut scenes are skip city. I keep seeing people post that their MGS emulation is perfect. How is this so?

I used the search function in for this forum and the worst complaint I heard was that the voices can be choppy. Is that the same as the cut scene movies? I don't know. I just don't understand how people can post that it's perfectly emulated when their is this glaring imperfection. From what else I read it also crashes alot in anything besides version 1.01

Don't get me wrong either. I'm not bashing ePSXe. I love it more than any emulator on the net. I just want to know if I'm missing an obvious fix to the skippy cut scene movies. I can live with choppy voices but having every cinematic sequence in chop-o-vision = sux0r.

ANyone care to let me in on this "perfect emulation"?

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