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GA-K8NS with Vibration game usb controllers problem

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I am using K8NS / A64 3000+ / 256X2 DDR400 / WD1200JB / Radeon 8500 LE / HEC 450W


I have a RockFire Racing Wheel (Vibra-Racing Star) but when I enter any game vibration sometimes freeze the game if I disable vibration no problem.

Also I have a problem with a joystick game pad if I enter any game it hangs also if I disable it no problem.

I tried those controllers on other system Pentium 4 and it work without any problem

I installed all the latest drivers but that didn't help

my system is working without problem and stable the problem is only with usb game controllers with VIBRATION ON

I don't have any excalamtion error in device manager what can I do ?

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