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Future of Bleem for PC! and Bleem Inc.

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Well it seems that bleem for PC will never get an update. At least that is my opinion. I emailed them yesterday and got a reply back immediately. They will not say 100% whether or not the PC version will be worked on or not. However they say that the future of there company depends on the success of the Dreamcast version . Right now as we speak Randy Linden, the sole coder of Bleem is working on releasing more Dreamcast Paks. They must successfully release paks that people will want to buy and hope that everything can get back to normal. They are also busy fighting Sony out in court. Well depending on how good they really do, could determine if we will ever see a new PC version ever released. According to the response I got from them, right now they cannot afford to have Randy work on the PC side of bleem, until they have made some progress with the Dreamcast port. Well see you all later.

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Hmm, in my opinion i've always considered emulation as something that should be free.

However, if somebody creates an emulator and wants to sell it fine.. thats upto him/her.

However, lets be honest here, the possibility of a Bleem! for pc appearing any time soon if ever is highly unlikely. Especially when the competition (ePSXe and others) are not only better and compatible with more games but also totally free.

Whereas on the Dreamcast their only competition is the real Playstation and the Playstation 2.

I don't own a Dreamcast and personally think that making you buy a seperate `pak` for every single game is a ripoff tactic, i could understand if they released a pak which supported only a certain number of games, but one per pack is just ripoff tactics in my books, no i don't support the tactics Sony are using against Bleem because in the end run Sony are only hurting sales of Playstation games.

My point? I felt like getting on my high horse. :D

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Let's make this simple : BLEEM HASN'T HAVE A FUTURE , let's face it , no updates, sony on their neck , employeres leaving !!!
bleem is good..... "IF" the game is compatible to it
That's just partialy True !!! They made emulation Khnown to the world wish was good
if the game is compatible to bleem the game will run fast not like other emu
Since when ?? Since the ester Bunny came out on Chritmas , or since Bill Gates became the poorest man in the World !!!
Bleem has problems with games using palettized textures, it's speed limiter is also buggy, otherwise it's core is probably the fastest out there. I'm thinking of games like SFEXalpha, Rayman2, Megaman, SFA3 and silent hill which run full speed even on lower spec (<400mhz) systems. It's also much better with XA audio than the free emulators (but not the commercial VGS). So it's not all bad, just too expensive for a product which was not the promised/implied PSX replacement. Yhat was their real crime (not to mention the delays). Thing is with computers being faster today and quality of emulation counting more than raw speed ePSXe is by far the better emulator (although I can't understand why nobody seems to care that much about the sound).

Ps Bleem! was also available two years ago, but then so was PSemuPro
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that ain't correct , ePSXe gives better results even on old PC then Bleem and that's a Proven Fact
Try the games I mentioned (especially the 2D ones). I didn't say all games, in fact most do run faster on ePSXe (Gex, Soul reaver, Chrono Cross) but how much is due to the core and how much due to the improved graphic plugins? Of course ePSXe is slowed down a bit by XA sound so once this is up to speed it'll probably flatten everything else out there (Adri is also fast), I just think there is some inspired coding in bleem which shouldn't be ignored.
Originally posted by Zster
I just think there is some inspired coding in bleem which shouldn't be ignored.
True. The whole thing is written in assemby... and has its own bios. Both of which are a feat in themselves.

That said however if emus are not updated then no matter how good they were they will slowly start to fall behind those that are. Psemupro was good in its day too....
Bleem, was a very good emulator for its time. XA audio is more or less good and not choppy for the games it supports, because I tried it on my lower 233 Cyrix computer before (ever thought of making Epsxe work on such a processor with such awful floating point processing? :p )

Try running some games fully supported in bleem. Full speed is achieved (XA audio running perfectly), while I can only get Epsxe to run at 40fps maximum (Try havng a quite low end run of the mill computer like a 266 MMX pentium and compare the result of running Megaman X5 on both emus).

I agree though that an emulator, no matter how good it is gets to be no good at all and be left behind, if there are no updates. Even with a good, fast assembly core and no bios. ;)
can't help but wonder what could become of it, if it went open-source. :rolleyes:
You mean an open source of bleem ? Well i don't think ot would make a difrence ! And i don't think they would do such a thing !! But i could be a good solution for sony and VGS , thet use the same system
But hey they'll release MGS for Bleemcast , and i personaly think , it will be their last fight and last chance to survive

Ever since I switched to Win2k from WinME only one PSX emu has been able to work for me.....and it is not VGS or bleem!. ePSXe makes me kick myself for buying bleem! when it came out.
not me....I actually enjoyed bleem before epsxe was around.
Originally posted by andré
can't help but wonder what could become of it, if it went open-source. :rolleyes:
You're forgetting something...Bleem! IS open-source! The only problem is open-source assembly may as well be totally closed, because if you didn't write a specific assembly program, you almost certainly won't have a clue what's going on in it. Any executable is nothing more than straight assembly translated to machine code. A translation BACK to assembly is a simple process, but again, not very fruitful.
It's open-source !? This just poves that they have compleatly given up , in my opinion !!!
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