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Hi guys. I've been running into some roadblocks trying to control this game.

I'm playing future cop LAPD. I was trying to set up an Xbox series s controller with it with no luck. I used the instructions here: ePSXe for Android
The left joystick basically doesn't work ingame even though the mapping page is able to detect the inputs and axes. Only (cross shaped) d-pad buttons do anything as far as movement controls go. The triggers and RB/LB do nothing, they should mimic R2/L2 based on how I configured the controls. The A,B,X,Y buttons work fine. The right joystick does nothing though and it would be really handy if I could assign the strafe (L2/R2 on psx) buttons to the right joystick, but it to does nothing in game even though the axis works in the "test axes" page

So basically the Xbox controller is missing 2 buttons and despite mapping the xbox joystick to the psx d-pad, the joystick does nothing in game. Worth mentioning is that it seems to work partially in that it allows me to move but it stutters and 90% of the time doesn't respond.

Furthermore, I tried using the digital controls and also had issues. When using the digital controls the accelerometer y axis doesn't work. It will stutter on and off intermittently by the looks of it for a millisecond and only the x axis works properly.

The game is unplayable with the default virtual gamepad config and there is no way to swap the button functions like I need to either. I just need to swap L2/R2 with d-pad left and right.

If anyone could please advise me on how to get the controls set up it would make me the happiest person alive.

Thank you.
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