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Funny videos

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Well since there is a funny pictures thread outside of the bin and a random thoughts thread, i decided that i would make a funny videos thread here to for completions sake.

*note to (mods i mean), delete if this is, well for lack of a better word spammy for normal viewing. And sorry if it is.*

This title explains itself. No porn, bondage, or basically anything under the 18 year level. This also dissalows constant swearing, a few curse words probably will be allowed as long as there unoticable, but if the video is basically half way to swear town its a no (sorry just making sure the thread isnt deleted)

(^Stollen directally from the random thoughts thread. Sorry about that.)

Anyway i would also like to suggest one video per post, for ... well quallitys sake.

And no just random remix videos (ok if there above a certain quality and have not been increadably overdone, for example this would ommit most of the this is sparta remix's from this thread) , just genually (sp?) funny videos.

right then, to start us off.

*snip for safety*

ehmm, if the (heh i mean mods, so used to calling them admins my bad)can quallify the ammount of swearing we are allowed, well that would be good. Im probably thinking there was a bit to much in that last video (of to a bad start already sorry ill delete it)

anyway replacement

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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