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I just had one of the greatest laughs in a looong time, from something that happened on IRC. It was so great, I thought I had to share it. It started out with this guy talking about the "PS2 Emu" called Melter. Doing a quick search on google, people first started talking about this emu last March... Not only is it nigh unto impossible for a system to be emulated within a year of it's release, I'm sure if it was real, we'd all know it by now. Here's a screenshot of it:

Anyway, people believing in all emus even if they're obviously fake isn't a bad thing. I mean, after all, bleem! was impossible up to the very day that the beta was leaked. But, as you'll see below, this guy just keeps doling it out, and digging his hole deeper and deeper. I'm thinking he might have been the one who "wrote" it, and was trying to make us believe it was real, or something. It's hilarious!

And, here's the log snippets:

[00:16:27] <aemrboo16> it doesnt run cds yet
[00:16:34] <aemrboo16> you need to make it an ISO
[00:16:38] <aemrboo16> from your DVD rom

[00:47:10] <LanGaidin> The thing is, with it being that bad, it could ACT like it was starting a game, then just play some avi file that's compiled into it, and you'd never know
[00:47:35] <aemrboo16> possible
[00:47:54] <+{mike9010> true.
[00:47:55] <aemrboo16> but i doubt that considering that the iso is street fighter which i made the iso myself
[00:48:02] <aemrboo16> and i was at the controlls
[00:48:12] <aemrboo16> lmao
[00:48:14] <+{mike9010> but still though, does that resemble any thing like street fighter?
[00:48:20] <aemrboo16> it is
[00:48:37] <aemrboo16> its ryu and whats her name
[00:48:40] <aemrboo16> lmao
[00:48:43] <aemrboo16> forgot
[00:48:48] <aemrboo16> Brain Fart
[00:48:49] <+{mike9010> As I said I will have to try myself.
[00:49:05] <+{mike9010> so now there is a street fighter character name Brain Fart?
[00:49:13] <aemrboo16> you gotta have a damn fast pc
[00:49:43] <+{mike9010> really fast one. About 3ghz
[00:50:24] <aemrboo16> mine is a Dual P4 SCSI Mainboard 1.7 ghz per processesor with a 24x dvd rom and a geforce 3 titanium with an ati radeon excellerator
[00:50:39] <aemrboo16> and the program goes 4 frames per damn second
[00:51:12] <LanGaidin> How the hell do you have a GeForce 3 TI and an ATI Radeon in the same system?
[00:51:25] <+{mike9010> That is what I want to know.
[00:51:28] <aemrboo16> ATI and the geforce do half the work
[00:51:49] <aemrboo16> one accelerates and acts like video ram
[00:51:59] <+{mike9010> I didn't think they made dual AGP mobos
[00:52:00] <aemrboo16> and one displays and acts like more video ram
[00:52:06] <LanGaidin> And you have 2 AGP slots in this board, huh?
[00:52:09] <aemrboo16> they do if you have a scsi
[00:52:13] <aemrboo16> :)
[00:52:22] *** Joins: Phuzzi ([email protected])
[00:52:30] <Phuzzi> Entertain me.
[00:52:45] <+{mike9010> How does this SCSI-AGP thing work?
[00:52:54] *** {mike9010 is now known as mike9010
[00:53:00] <aemrboo16> you have to get a special model by asus
[00:53:10] <aemrboo16> only 2 models can do this
[00:53:16] <aemrboo16> dual video ram modles
[00:53:24] <LanGaidin> What's the model number?
[00:53:25] <aemrboo16> models^
[00:53:29] <+mike9010> Can you give us a link to this 'model'?
[00:53:34] <Phuzzi> modles eh. Board model number plz?
[00:53:38] <aemrboo16> dunno
[00:53:46] <aemrboo16> id have to see the box
[00:53:47] <Phuzzi> Look.
[00:54:08] <aemrboo16> i just got the board when i asked for one that could match up to the speed i wanted
[00:54:21] <aemrboo16> lets seee..............
[00:54:37] <Phuzzi> Willamette or Xeon p4's?
[00:55:00] <aemrboo16> ummmmmmmmmm
[00:55:04] <aemrboo16> noth somthing
[00:55:13] <Phuzzi> Northwood?
[00:55:17] <aemrboo16> yes
[00:55:23] <Phuzzi> Dual 1.7Ghz northwoods?
[00:55:30] <aemrboo16> yes
[00:55:33] <+mike9010> lmao
[00:55:36] <LanGaidin> ROFLMAO
[00:55:37] <LanGaidin> So hard
[00:55:37] <aemrboo16> they can only be dual in scsi
[00:55:50] <Phuzzi> He just walks straight into them.
[00:55:50] : Logging is ON.
[00:55:58] *** MegaWorm sets mode: +o mike9010
[00:56:06] <aemrboo16> otherwise dual is unsupported
[00:56:29] <@mike9010> how much of idiots do you think we are?
[00:56:31] <Phuzzi> Northwood isn't even SMP enabled
[00:56:32] <aemrboo16> i put my pc together myself it didnt cost me all that much
[00:56:37] <aemrboo16> alot of my parts are used
[00:56:52] <Phuzzi> Used? They sound like prototypes :p

Anyway, just wanted to share the laughter. :p

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I'm not really well versed in tech-speak, but I do get the point. :D Dual Northwoods....Dual AGP cards....Dual Brain Farts? :D :D :D

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As NeoJag alluded, he did come back this evening, and he didn't fail to keep us entertained once again. We even had people joining the channel just to watch the show. Anyway, here's part 2:

[18:00] <aemrboo16> what emus is everyone into?
[18:01] <aemrboo16> im into psx and n64 and ps2. ps2 would be more exciting of an emu category if only not so many of the emus were fake
[18:01] <aemrboo16> there are only 2 i know that work
[18:01] <aemrboo16> barely
[18:01] <+Neojag> lol
[18:02] <+Neojag> 2 emu for PS2 work???
[18:02] <+Neojag> that was nice
[18:02] <aemrboo16> BARELY!
[18:02] <aemrboo16> lmao
[18:02] *** Quits: DWatcher ([email protected]) - [Ping timeout: 300 seconds]
[18:02] <aemrboo16> they are more behind than sega saturn category
[18:02] <+Neojag> barely means having a frontend no
[18:02] <aemrboo16> some games play
[18:02] <aemrboo16> like absolute crap
[18:03] <aemrboo16> 2 - 4 FPS
[18:03] <+Neojag> no games play that i know
[18:03] <+Neojag> ;)
[18:03] <aemrboo16> only EKAF and Melter work
[18:03] <+Neojag> EKAF = Fake...
[18:03] <aemrboo16> and they only play 2 games
[18:03] <aemrboo16> no ekaf works
[18:03] <+Neojag> reverse ekaf
[18:03] <aemrboo16> i use it
[18:03] <aemrboo16> i know
[18:03] <+Neojag> doubt that
[18:03] <+Neojag> but ok ;)
[18:04] <aemrboo16> it really sucks only thing that works is sound
[18:04] <aemrboo16> no gui
[18:04] <aemrboo16> no video
[18:04] <aemrboo16> no interface
[18:04] <aemrboo16> :(
[18:04] <aemrboo16> i want a good ps2 emu to come out
[18:04] <aemrboo16> oh well
[18:05] <aemrboo16> psx and n64 are nailed
[18:05] *** Joins: PJ ([email protected])
[18:05] <PJ> I heard there's a show
[18:05] *** Joins: Skull_One ([email protected])
[18:05] *** MegaWorm sets mode: +vv PJ Skull_One
[18:05] * PJ hands Skull_One the popcorn
[18:05] <+Neojag> lol
[18:06] * Neojag leans back
[18:06] *** MegaWorm sets mode: +o PJ
[18:07] <@Thorgal> relatively seen, there's quite a lot of psx scene veterans here atm :p
[18:07] *** Thorgal sets mode: +o Skull_One
[18:07] <+Neojag> uh?
[18:07] <@Skull_One> Thorgal: Thank you sir
[18:07] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: We are going to play a little game today.
[18:08] <aemrboo16> hmm
[18:08] <aemrboo16> ?
[18:08] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: I am going to ask you a question and you are going to answer it.
[18:08] <aemrboo16> k
[18:08] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: Then the people here will vote if you are lying or telling the truth
[18:08] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: First lie and I will make you go away.
[18:08] <Lan|Work> Skull_One is going to get me in trouble in a minute when I burst out laughing and my boss wonders what's up. :p
[18:08] <@Skull_One> Lan|Work: LOL
[18:08] * Thorgal is making sure this'll be logged
[18:09] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: How old are you?
[18:09] <aemrboo16> 23
[18:09] <aemrboo16> 16
[18:09] <aemrboo16> lmao
[18:09] <@Skull_One> What is the issue? You don't know your own age?
[18:09] <aemrboo16> my bad
[18:09] <aemrboo16> 16
[18:10] <@Skull_One> Anyone want to contest that?
[18:10] <+Neojag> ill pass ;)
[18:10] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: What sex are you?
[18:10] <aemrboo16> male
[18:10] <@Thorgal> "question #2: do you have alzheimer?" "no, uhm, I mean yes, or was it..?"
[18:11] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: Do your parents know you are wasting precious oxygen?
[18:11] <aemrboo16> i have the sound plugin and i have apollo
[18:11] <@Thorgal> ROFL
[18:11] <@PJ> I have a tri CPU P5 DriftWood with a GeForce3 LieTainiam.
[18:11] <aemrboo16> yes
[18:11] <+Neojag> lo0
[18:11] <@Skull_One> PJ: LOL!
[18:11] <@PJ> what, its true
[18:12] <@PJ> I built it out of a spare 386 I had laying around
[18:12] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: At what point did you actually think you could lie to true veterans and get away with it?
[18:13] <aemrboo16> explain?
[18:13] <@PJ> Lan|Work, what's your url?
[18:13] <@PJ> to the log
[18:13] <aemrboo16> when did i lie?
[18:13] <Lan|Work>
[18:13] <aemrboo16> 0_o?
[18:14] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: Ummm, I think at this point, you should review that URL and then try to answer the question I just asked.
[18:15] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: Take at least 5 mins.... I am old and have the 5 to wait.
[18:15] <+Neojag> mine is a Dual P4 SCSI Mainboard 1.7 ghz per processesor with a 24x dvd rom and a geforce 3 titanium with an ati radeon excellerator <--- nice ^^
[18:16] <@Skull_One> Neojag: I thought so too. In my 18 years at doing this, I have never seen such a bold use of equipment.
[18:16] <@Thorgal> yea, ati excells man.
[18:16] <+Neojag> 00:51:25] <+{mike9010> That is what I want to know.
[18:16] <+Neojag> [00:51:28] <aemrboo16> ATI and the geforce do half the work
[18:16] <+Neojag> nicer lmao
[18:16] <aemrboo16> what is wrong about anything i said
[18:16] <aemrboo16> >???
[18:17] <@Skull_One> ROTFLMAO
[18:17] <aemrboo16> i ran melter before
[18:17] <aemrboo16> it only runs 2 games
[18:17] <aemrboo16> and very crappy
[18:17] <@Thorgal> ah, forget, I'll read all this tomorrow, have better things to do.
[18:17] *** Thorgal is now known as Thor|ZzZz
[18:17] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: What part of "We know you are lying thru your fingers" did you miss out on?
[18:17] *** Joins: bracket ([email protected])
[18:17] <@Skull_One> bracket!
[18:18] <aemrboo16> whatever man
[18:18] <bracket> hiyaz! :)
[18:18] <aemrboo16> i dont have to take this
[18:18] <bracket> aemrboo16: were you the dude talking about dual AGP slots?
[18:18] <aemrboo16> no i dont have a DUAL AGP
[18:18] <aemrboo16> I HAVE AN AGP AND A PCI
[18:18] <bracket> ah, k
[18:18] <@YoD> WOW
[18:18] <aemrboo16> A PCI RADEON AND AN AGP
[18:18] <+Neojag> wich work at the same time eh?
[18:18] <aemrboo16> damnit
[18:18] <bracket> so what was that crap about SCSI and stuff?
[18:18] <Lan|Work> Um, someone pull his quote where he said he had dual AGP's, pls
[18:18] <bracket> i.e. "only SCSI machines have it"
[18:18] <aemrboo16> for TV OUT AND FOR VGA
[18:18] <bracket> or whatever...
[18:19] <aemrboo16> its called secondary display adapter
[18:19] <@YoD> b.r.a.i.n.

*****Editor's Note :) Here we just quoted some of my inital post from this thread back to him, to catch him in his lie. No point in taking up space showing it again.

[18:19] <bracket> hehehe
[18:19] <bracket> ahahahahaha
[18:19] *** Joins: DWatcher ([email protected])
[18:19] <bracket> roflmfao
[18:19] <@YoD> rofl
[18:19] <bracket> hiya, YoD
[18:20] *** MegaWorm sets mode: +v DWatcher
[18:20] <bracket> so which two models was it again?
[18:20] <@YoD> hey bracket
[18:20] <bracket> Lan|Work: no more paste :)
[18:20] *** PJ sets mode: +o bracket

*****Another Note: He spouted obscenities at this point. No reason to repeat them.

[18:20] *** Quits: aemrboo16 ([email protected]com) - [Leaving]
[18:21] <Lan|Work> LOL
[18:21] <@YoD> yeah, everyone's mad...
[18:21] <@bracket> damn
[18:21] <Lan|Work> Darn, he left...
[18:21] <@PJ> man
[18:21] <@Skull_One> Damn, I didn't even to get to use my ops
[18:21] <+Neojag> too bad
[18:21] <@PJ> now what will we do for fun?

I'm glad that I forgot to turn logging off, because he came back a few more minutes, and more laughs ensue:

[18:29] *** Joins: aemrboo16 ([email protected]com)
[18:30] <aemrboo16> i reserve my right to internet privacy
[18:30] <+Skull_One> OH goodie!!!!!! It's bacl!
[18:30] <+Skull_One> back even
[18:30] <aemrboo16> if you donot remove all logs i will accuse
[18:30] <Lan|Work> ROFLMAO
[18:30] <+Skull_One> aemrboo16: Don't make us laugh at you anymore
[18:30] *** PJ sets mode: +o Skull_One
[18:30] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: You were amusing once.
[18:30] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: Pathetic the second time
[18:31] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: Now you are just plain sad.
[18:31] <aemrboo16> if you dont remove within 24 hours it is againsed the law of internet privacy bill clinton signed in 1995
[18:31] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: Please, give up computers.
[18:31] <@bracket> aemrboo16: what are you talking about?
[18:31] <@PJ> OH NO
[18:31] <aemrboo16> go see yourself
[18:31] <@Skull_One> aemrboo16: Hate to tell you this, but you have zero clue about internet law.
[18:32] <@bracket> aemrboo16: sorry chief. what you type here is public domain.
[18:32] <@bracket> just like taking your shirt off a mardi gras and bouncing your tits around.. if i take a picture, it's mine. ;)
[18:32] <@Skull_One> bracket: AMEN to that!
[18:32] * bracket *high-fives* Skull_One
[18:34] *** Quits: aemrboo16 ([email protected]com) - [Leaving]

And, that was the end of it... I can't wait to get "accused"... :p

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Yeah, internet privacy ... I'm scared :D

So much for stupid people never stopping to exist ;)

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God loves stupid people, that's why he made so many

The gene pool could use a little chlorine.

If you catch an exploding manhole cover, you can keep it.

b4 u make fun of him too much, remember, it is not enough to succeed. Others must fail.
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