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Funny Prey Glitch (Steam Version)

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I made a video of a weird but funny bug or glitch on the Steam version of Prey. Everything was fine as far as game play was concerned up until right after the abduction scene in the beginning of the game.

I presume this is a Steam specific issue, likely due to a recent update because it does not occur on the retail copy of the game.

There is a slight FPS issue, I had AA and AF enabled which does not do any good on my 9800 GT when trying to capture video.

Video may be a bit poor quality but I had to try to compress it as much as possible without sacrificing too much quality since my connection is quite crappy. I got a 2.11 GB video down to almost 19 MB so I hope it's not too bad. :p

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I always take my pants off before taking a dump in midair :p

How is the game anyway, is it still recommended as a game I shouldn't have missed?
It's a pretty good game, highly underrated. It has great level design, good music, and a somewhat good story. The main protagonist spouts a lot of profanities at the aliens though throughout the game.
had this on 360 and it was a good game. then my friend borrowed it off of me and his dad crushed the disc. he's still not paying up for it.
Jumanji!!! :p
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not a screenshot..just a 10 year old kid trying to get people to click on a referral link =/
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