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Counter Strike (either 1.6 or Source).
Strategy games (Red Alert, Age of Empires and Warcraft 3).

Edit: That's for computer games.
If I'm playing on a console, it's car games most of the time.
Notice the "-no internet" on his/her post...

As for my advice, car games are one good bet as long as they have multiplayer option. Those usually work with one console and game, in split screen...
Team sport games like NHL and Football games are pretty fun with friends if you like sports.
KKND Krossfire(yes its Krossfire with "K") is very good old RTS with two player splitscreen option, its for PSX... Finding it might be hard though.

Never really tried them but there are games like singstar(and the bazillion copy games) that are made for big groups and not for single players, but as far as I know they work best as party games(with booze to maximize the fun:lol:)
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