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Never really tried them but there are games like singstar(and the bazillion copy games) that are made for big groups and not for single players
I'm not a music-game-friendly person, but if I'd play Singstar or something like that, I'd rather play them alone. :D

...but as far as I know they work best as party games(with booze to maximize the fun:lol:)
:lol: Just reminded me of a lesson last autumn. We strung some code to SignalMaster and produced echo effects with microphone. My classmate said that she could sing if she'd buy a bottle of clear alcohol (She meant 38%). We others said: "Go ahead, we'll be waiting... ".

BTW: I like to play Quake II and NFS with my friends. GoW2 is also very good with split screen.

NHL and FIFA are also fun for multiplaying.

It would be cool to play Civilization III/IV with friends. Some sleepless nights ahead... :dead:
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