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I'm using Pete's OpenGL Plugin 1.75 (Not OpenGL2), but I somehow can't get FSAA to work. I have it set to force FSAA (4x) in my video card preferences, but I don't notice any difference in game. What's the deal?

Oh, also, is FSAA the best way to smooth out the 2d graphics in the background? It looks pretty pixelated right now.

I have a Radeon 9600 Mobility with 128MB btw.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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your best bet to smooth out the 2D backgrounds is to use OGL2 and the fullscreen filter, whilst using a resolution that is a multiple of 320x240. there are also smoothing shaders if you want it really blurred out.

alternatively you can use filtering at 2 (IIRC) and that smooths the backgrounds, but it fecks with the text boxes so you might not want that....

if you want to use AA and OGL, make sure you have your gfx settings on OGL AA...not D3D.
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