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>Also, how do u determine the UDMA ur IDE device is running at?
Given that I don't have your mobo/proc setup, I can't say for certain, but most BIOSes will tell you at start up (most likely after the device detection phase). Often it'll list your proc speed, memory found, the status of your cache, as well as your IDE devices where they're found on your IDE chain, and the mode they're using. For example, on mine it reads something along the lines of:

Pri. Chan. Master: WD-xxxxx,LBA,66
Pri. Chan. Slave: Tobisha DVD-ROM,33
Sec. Chan. Master: Velo CDR,66
Sec. Chan. Slave: WD-xxx,LBA,66

The numbers at the end signify the UDMA mode that the device is operating at. Note that the "Pause/Break" key often works at this stage, so if you'd like to halt output, hit it and take a gander.

Note that just because a device you have might be using a particular mode doesn't mean that Windows is using it. For example, every time I install Win2k it uses PIO mode for my Velo despite it being perfectly capable of doing DMA transfers.
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