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There is at the beginning of the game an opening movie - FMV. I manage t translate it delete the Japanese text and place the English. I been manage to place the movie into the game and it works BUT with one problem - there is no sound. I used the PSS Plex to demultiplex the file in to m2v and wav. The problem is that insetad the wmv i get file with without the extension so it looks like this: stream_1685566_0-Alt0 and when I used the PSS Demux I get m2v and file with .dat extension. Well I'm sure that this is an audio because I used the program called MFAudio to hear the sound. When I checked the audio file I found out that there is no header in it, so I decided to add standard wmv header to the file and it worked I was able to multiplex the files back (before that I was unable to do It since the PSS Plex asked for wmv). I edited the file using TMPGEnc then I putted it back to the game. The translation and the movie looks great but there is no audio. Does nay one know something about
editing PSS files ?? I found this site peoples seem to have similar problems : • View topic - *tutorial* How to get the sound working from KH2 fmv's
Tried this also but it doesn't work.
Here is the file:
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This is the very last thing that requires the translation. So if any one knows how to edit this support me with information please.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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