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Ive got some questions:
does it work on epsxe??
there is a US version for this game??
can anybody put 1 or 2 screenshots of it running??
System Specs:
k6-2 500
voodoo3 3000


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Originally posted by Zataki
You say you have a low fps?
I think thats a pretty good speed 50+ FPS.
When you say slow, I'm thinking 20-30 FPS
He didn´t said he got low FPS, he said it was slow. From what I´ve seen, there are some kind of timing problems with Front Mission 3 in ePSXe, and it´ll only seem to be playing at a proper speed if you FPS is showing around 120. :p

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I've played the game on PSX and i can't say its really smooth.
Most of the time the game does NOT run at 30fps but something about 15-20 and i can't know why ... maybe it's too much for PSX.
Well maybe it's badly coded too ;)
Here's the answer why it's slow on emus, because they do their job very very well, at least you can boost your emu gpu engine ...
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