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..Front Mission 3 Need Help!!..

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I tried alot of different EMUs and ALOT of Different setting but I cant seem to get it to work..When I do I get these Errors:

-Movies dont work ..get garbled screen after start menu..
-The Loading bar stops when starting up game..
-Screen Flashes in Main menu..

I havnt even got the game itself to work anyone knows any good tricks or Other EMUs dat do work?

I tried:
-Bleem! (Works Fine util you play the entire screen gets garbled.)
-ePSXe 1.4.0 (See Errors above)

I also tried all Major almost all settings, I have been busy with it for Hours and hours now...anyone got sugestions? or is it inpossible to get it to work...
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Strange...I cant even get the program itself to work..probally cuz I use WinXP-OS...
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