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Front Mission 3 memory card problem.

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This is quite strange. I was playing through the game, saving only on the memory card (not using any save states) and everything was going great. However on one mission, the game constantly chrashed, not allowing me to go on. I guessed that this was a cd problem, so I borrowed my friends copy of the cd and created an iso (I like to make them because isos load so much faster then from cd drives, and no annoying spin up sounds!). I loaded the game once again, and then went to the memory card. However, a problem came up. The save didn't seem to have the game! I was shocked, so I checked it out with the memory card viewer, and the file appears to be there:

I went into the emu, and made sure that the memory card file was in the right directory, which it was. Now I'm siting here, 10 hours into the game and unable to load, any ideas anyone?
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Is something wrong with your disc (like severe scratches) that prevents you from making an image with it?
Yea, I tried to make another iso with my origonal disk, and it bugs out half way saying a file fma3ar.mcb is corrupted, then it shuts down. My friends cd works both in the pc by cd rom and by iso. I guess I could start over on the ps2, but i'd really like to finish it this way :(
are the discs from the same region? i.e. you both have NTSC
Hmmmm, just ran the game with the origional cd, and guess what? The save file in the memory card works! Now with my friends cd it doesn't. His his cd is NTSC, i lost the case to my cd so I'm not sure... gah! Any ideas on what to do?
have you tried using his disc and your memory card save in PSXeven or PCSX? or using your disc and your memory card in such emulators?
Yep tried it with psxeven, same resuts :/
A version of the game should be visible on the CD label, too.
Too late now, already threw away my own cd. Oh well, looks like i'm gona play it again on the ps2, so nothing like this happens again... Thanks everyone.
you threw away your own CD. was this CD perhaps....not the original version? :rolleyes:
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