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Front mission 3 disk read error

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The game loads and starts up just fine. I play though the tutorial battle (fist battle) and then talk to some ppl; From this point on there is a 99% chance that the loading screens will last forever. I've tryed changeing cd plugins and messing with the cd options, but i've had very little luck. I turned on the pop up on read error in peop cd plugin and it pops up with a read error when neverending loading scrren acures. I have tryed useing ISOProducer to make an iso of the disk but at about 38% it has a disk read error.

I'm going to try useing different bios files but I don't know if doing so will work.......
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try cleaning your disc, maybe it is a messed up disc. if it reports a read error, well then there you go. buff out that scratch ;)
you know that green and black disc doctor thingy that has the handle that you i suck at descriptions but that bad boy is pretty good.
dont make MDS files, ew, make them cloneCD format and you can run them with Run ISO or with mooby's plugin. as a bonus you can even RAR em and run them out of there with mooby's plugin
oO that's strange. is this actually a retail version of the game?
Nero sucks for ISOs, dont use it.

have you tried using a different drive to rip the disc?
pete's GPU plugins have a paste to clipboard option; as for your system stats, just list them, ill list mine as an example:

Athlon XP 2500+ @ 2.15ghz
geforce 6800
1gig PC3200 @ 195 mhz
soundblaster audigy

and that's pretty much all we need to know.
1 - 6 of 33 Posts
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