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Front mission 3 disk read error

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The game loads and starts up just fine. I play though the tutorial battle (fist battle) and then talk to some ppl; From this point on there is a 99% chance that the loading screens will last forever. I've tryed changeing cd plugins and messing with the cd options, but i've had very little luck. I turned on the pop up on read error in peop cd plugin and it pops up with a read error when neverending loading scrren acures. I have tryed useing ISOProducer to make an iso of the disk but at about 38% it has a disk read error.

I'm going to try useing different bios files but I don't know if doing so will work.......
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A question here regarding running RARed games; what is the offset, if any, of doing that? Higher CPU usage, more disk access, etc. Seems to me the CPU will have to decompress the RARed ISO on the fly. Thanks.
Tontow, I wouldn't talk about downloading stuff here, you'll get eaten by the mods ;) . What you could do is get one of those disk repair products. From what I've been reading, those products do work, you just have to make sure you follow the instruction closely; use enough lubricant, wipe the disk in a certain way, etc. Or, you can could give them a try. I don't have experience with them myself, and can't say anything about reliability etc. So do your homework if you decide to use them. $3.5/disk, not too bad.
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