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Front Mission 3 and Memorycards

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Eyh ppl ;o)
I've been reading this forum for quite some time now, and i thought it was a proper time to join and do some quality time posting ;o)

Anyway.. about this front mission 3 thingy.. :eyes:

I've been messing with ePsxe for about two weeks or so now.. and i've tuned in all my games to a top notch level.. As for Front Mission 3, everything is looking good and sounding ok.. only problem is, i can't get it to read any memory cards... at the save/load screen the game locks up and then returns a message that the memorycard couldn't be found. i've tried every single setting in ePsxe to see if it has any effect on memorycards, but with no luck. Also tried formated cards, unformated.. slot 1, slot 2.. every way... may it be a error within the Emulator or am i just dooing something very wrong here? ;o)

Theres nothing wrong with my hardware or something like that.. a pIII 800, Asus 7700 and 512mb ram should do the trick. other than this, as i said, i've tried every setting and plugin, no luck.

Help me out here ppl ;o) :confused:
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care to post your settings for fm3?

use the save states. saved me a lot of trouble.
Have you tried the f4 trick yet? Seems to solve a lot of problems when it comes to memory cards. I know you need to do it in Vagrant Story and presumably since Front Mission is a Square game as well it may be needed in this case. If not I really couldn't say what's goin on. Best of luck. :D
Well, thats at least one better than me.... Care to share on how u got it working in the first place my (PAL) version freezes on loading screen... and yeah to the f4 trick other Square games need this ones I know of are Legend Of Mana, Vagrant Story.:) any help on ur spec and plugins and perhaps most importantly your BIOS version. I.E. 1001 75xx whatever.:yawn:
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