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This FAQ has been assembled for new members. It contains the most frequently asked questions, solutions, issues, and important links.
If you are having a problem with Dolphin, look here first to see if you can find an answer or solution to the problem. If you can't find what you are looking for in this FAQ, create a new thread to receive support from other members regarding your problem or questions you may have.

  • Q. What's Dolphin?

  • A. Dolphin is Gamecube emulator. Now supports Wii emulation as well.

  • Q. Does Dolphin have an official web-page?

  • Q. Where can I download it?

  • Q. Who are Dolphin authors?

  • A. ector (hrydgard) and F|RES

  • Q. Which are minimal system requirements to run Dolphin at good speed?

  • Q. Do I need something to play Wii and GC games?

  • A. You need to own console you are trying to emulate and games you are trying to run. Also in revisions before 2447 you need to dump masterkey.bin file from any of your Wii discs.

  • Q. Game doesn't run for me. What can I do?

  • A. It's better if you try different settings to get the game to work. Try changing general settings, GFX plugin settings, etc. If it doesn't work, track this issue on Dolphin's Google Code page or you can try to run debugger and see what the issue is.

  • Q. How can I run debugger?

  • A. In command line type "Dolphin -d" at the right location where your Dolphin is or create shortcut of Dolphin with "-d" at the end.

  • Q. Which is the best revision...?

  • A. There is no best revision for playing GC and Wii games perfectly. Dolphin in it's first stage of ideal.

  • Q. Game works but I don't have any music.

  • Q. Game runs really slow. How can I improve speed?

  • A. Try enabling/disabling different settings in General options, GFX options

  • Q. I've got Wii save file from someone, but I don't know where to place it. There's no folder called "title".

  • A. To put save file for game you need, first of all you need to play the game you're trying to emulate. Then follow instructions which someone write you.

  • Q. TLB error is there. How can I fix it?

  • A. Sometimes it's not TLB related. Dolphin devs were very kind to add special TLB hack for games with TLB errors running, for example, Mario Party 8 or Mortal Kombat: Deception.

  • Q. I've downloaded the game from...

  • A. Sorry, we can't help you. Emulation =//= (not equal) Piracy.

  • Q. I found Dolphin version with "IL" at the end. What does it mean?

  • A. It is Dolphin's test core. Some games are better and some are broken with it. Just we need to patient: maybe soon it'll become main core.

  • Q. I tried to run IL version of Dolphin, but games didn't work. It's x64 version btw.

  • A. x64 version of Dolphin's IL core doesn't exist. It was made only for x86 version. You may compile x64 version, but it won't work.

  • Q. I'm good at coding and I want to join Dolphin Team. Is it allowed?

  • Important links and threads:

If you have any further questions, comments or are unsure on something, feel free to ask in this thread. This page will be updated as often as possible, be sure to check if the above applies to you before asking a question.

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