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freezing and really messes things up

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I was trying to get Final Fantasy 8 to work and in the process it froze my system during the opening movie. I had to shut the computer off and re-start. Well I discovered that the program left something running in the background that won't close down and keeps me from running any other games in the emulator.

When you start epsxe it brings up a dos prompt box. This puts a program call winoldap into the close program box. There is one stuck in there that windows can't automatically shut down. this keeps me from restarting my computer as when I end task on it, it just pops up again. This is really, really annoying, I have tried everything and can't seem to get it to go away and all of the games freeze up now.

When I restart the computer it just pops back up. Does anyone know how to stop this process? If you need more details just ask.

thanks for any help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts don't seems is a program dat comes with epsxe..
maybe is other program u've installed dat starts up with window
here's how your disable it
press Start=>choose Run=>type"msconfig"=>choose Start Up=>
unchecked everything except "system tray" and "scanregistry" and
other software dat u wish to run along with windows=>restart windows..and u should see the program's gone epsxe by
press Start=>Run=>type regedit"=>choose HKEY_Current_User=>Software=>epsxe=>right click at epsxe and choose delete this key=>then restart

after that..install epsxe again and configure everything properly
as u did the should be alright now

if any other pro occured..feel free to post your results here:)

best regards
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Looks like that did the trick, thanks. I didn't even know that command existed. Cool! My roommates liked it too.
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