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I've decided to make a listing of games that are free in some form. This will help keep
people from asking all the time about "know any free mmo's?" or so forth. I'd like for it to get a sticky and
let me keep it updated.


PlaneShift - : A open-source MMO. Set in a fantasy world it has undergone
major changes over the past year and half. It just went open beta again.

Allegiance - : Microsoft's MMO space drama went freeware last year.
It only took a short time for the Offical unoffical mmo server to be created. Micro even supports it.

Knight Online - : It was a semi-NGEMU fav for awhile. It's short stint
as a p2p game didn't go overwell, so now it's f2p, with some items locked for premium players.

Rose Online - : from the makers of "ragnarok online" come this new
3d MMO. (currently in open beta)

Action Games:

Grand Theft Auto 1 - : The original that started it all.

Grand Theft Auto 2 - : The sequal to the original

Wild Metal - : A fun vehicle 3d war fest.

Legend of Zelda: Wand of Averon - : A fan made LoZ game.

Fighting and Beatem ups:

Beats of Rage - : A fan made Streets of Rage clone using Snk sprites with tons of mods

Survial Project – : A freeware Online beatem up.

Twist on Mod's:
(The following are Mod's that I feel are different than the norm.)
Never Winter Nights:Shadows of the Sword Coast - : A MMO of sorts using the NWN engine.

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Could have added them to

But i guess it's a slightly different subject. Thanks for the List, but i've tried most of them and despite them being free, none of them seem to have the polished feel i like in a game. Aside from the GTA's which rockstar is running off one server that is constantly down and you can't ever download anything (and why do they need my address o_O)

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I wouldn't know where you could find it since GeoCities was shut down by Yahoo.

Also, while we're at it, EA has released Command & Conquer (Tiberian Dawn), Command & Conquer Red Alert, and Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun (plus Firestorm) as free too (just need Red Alert 2 to be now, albeit I already have it and the other three).

Command & Conquer Classic | Command & Conquer
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