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Free encoding software for capture card.

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My tv tuner has really bad encoding software included. I checked a guide and found virtualvcr and it's reccomended to encode the input in an uncompressed way and then compress it to divx or mpeg. I have Tmpegnc plus to compress the uncompressed file to mpeg2 but i don't have a big HD and i won't be getting one soon so...

Is there a good program that can compress in real time to mpeg2? (Freeware, please)
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software encoding on the fly is generally a bad idea, especially if you are trying to do it on the cheap. i have heard people converting mpeg2 to wmv fairly easily, maybe you might have better luck with a streaming codec like that.

otherwise, i would really suggest a hardware encoder capable tv card. i have seen them sell for as low as $26, but you will be lucky if you can find one in the $50ish range. i got mine for about $100 and run a pvr setup with a p3 933/256 megs ram with little to no problems at all.
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