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Free encoding software for capture card.

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My tv tuner has really bad encoding software included. I checked a guide and found virtualvcr and it's reccomended to encode the input in an uncompressed way and then compress it to divx or mpeg. I have Tmpegnc plus to compress the uncompressed file to mpeg2 but i don't have a big HD and i won't be getting one soon so...

Is there a good program that can compress in real time to mpeg2? (Freeware, please)
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mybe let's start like this: Kazuya what tv tuner do you have? did you try to capture in dscaler with divx5 codec? (with high bitrate ect.) on my (winfast tv 2000xp deluxe) it works greate (also my card supports mpeg2 hardware compression).
when I usually capture some video with sound I set it (sound) to mp3 (224 bps), with lower quality I get sometimes choppy sound too...

QUESTION too all Dscaler 5 users: how it works? is it better than Dscaler 4? :)
yeah wmv encodes on the fly flawless... but I don't know why, I don't like it's quality ...
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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