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Free encoding software for capture card.

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My tv tuner has really bad encoding software included. I checked a guide and found virtualvcr and it's reccomended to encode the input in an uncompressed way and then compress it to divx or mpeg. I have Tmpegnc plus to compress the uncompressed file to mpeg2 but i don't have a big HD and i won't be getting one soon so...

Is there a good program that can compress in real time to mpeg2? (Freeware, please)
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So..... i'm hopeless right? :cry:
It's a cheap one. I can't seem to find the advantek site so i will link to another place instead:

Dscaler is good but capturing with divx gives me mixed results. Sometimes the sound stutters and sometimes the video jumps every 5 or 6 seconds.

In the manual says this card supports:

Supports MPEG, AVI and Quick Time file formats
Supports Windows Media Video & Audio, MPEG 1, MPEG 4,
MJPEG, MP3 and Cinepak compression

But it doesn't say if it's in real time or not (not, most likely). The software included will only use the sound of the devide connected to the audio in of the card (stereo) and won't use my audigy instead. The problem is that the card must be connected to the sound card to passtrough the sound signal and it will pass it as mono, not stereo.
Virtualvcr can't seem to encode in realtime. :cry: :cry:
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I jus tried capturing directly to wmv and it works flawlessly. Of all the formats.....
Thanks for the suggestions guys.
Hey, they combination of xvid and dscaler seems to work flawless as said. I don't really want dvd quality but i will try those lossless codecs and i'll tell you how it worked. Thanks Elly (and everyone)
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