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Free Association Fun (well, sorta fun)

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Well, it's time we do some pointless drivel. Free Association is where you think up of a word and another person thinks up of a word associated to it, and then another person thinks up of a word associated to that word. I'll give you an example.

Person A:
Person B:
Person C:
Person D:
Person E:
"Video Killed the Radio Star"

Got it? If not, you're either pathetic, dumb, stupid, both, or all three. :D OK, let's begin with the first word:


Note: If the admins don't like it, so sue me.... ;)
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Chrono (he doesn't talk, right?)
spikey hair

( I do this stuff every time I write a song ... U grow to like it )
Just wait... i think the first word was emulation... hmmm.. ok then.. here's my next word for that...

SCPH1001.BIN ( there's a tough one to follow )
>huh ? [...] spikey hair
When I think of spikey hair, I think of Cloud and Zack. Who comes to mind when they're involved? Hojo, of course.
Hojo -----> Mojo

( i think I said that cuz I want sum cake right now ..mmmm.. )
(that song by cake...)
Microsoft (in every division)
( I could be mean .. but I think I won't )

1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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