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Free 500mb FTP

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I was doing some browsing and I came across this site thats offering free 500mb FTP servers with unlimited bandwidth.

Enjoy ^^
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wow,that's cool, but is there a file size limit?
Nope ^^.
i cant get it to work, the FTP thing says "waiting for admin" or something like that... :(
I have the same problem, I think its because it automatically detects your ip and since I'm accessing through a network it thought my net ip was and I think it realised it wasn't going to work and just froze =/.
:( I cant even reach the webpage :(
their website crashed this morning.
Yeah, I just noticed it when my sig dissapeared :/
what a sweet website :rolleyes:
well, my confidence in their server isn't so great right now, seeing as how I've only been able to use it for about 9 hours of my 24 hour total usage time. hopefully they'll explain the downtime.
Dont get your hopes up. Hosts like these that promise huge specs like this dont usually last for long :rolleyes:
yeah, seriously 500mb space with infinite transfer for free eh...and the catch is...that it's down all the time ;)
Now I know someone's overcharging... Flare's cheapest $3.95 plan only gives 250MB with 5GB transfer!! What a rip off?! :lol:
Well... I'm signing up...
Now it works! :thumb:
I'll wait until August, when the 1 & 2 gig accounts become available.:p
just out of curiosity, what do you plan to do with a 2G account? I can't imagine anything legitimate unless you've got your own band and want to host MP3's of them and have movies or whatnot. but you may have more advanced needs...
Just think of all that space. :p Really, probably I'll probably try to host a number of things: emulation, music, home vids. It makes sharing these larger files alot easier. Probably a majority of the space will be for home videos that I can upload and have my family download (dv video is quite big as I'm sure you know).
>> I'll wait until August, when the 1 & 2 gig accounts become available.

what are you gonna do with a 1 gig webspace??? unless your gonna store programs, video and mp3s there...

thanks for the link... signing up :)
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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