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I'm in despair!
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Originally posted by Amberion
Um, using a software driver is BAD. If you have 3d acceleration, use it! It's 99% of the time faster than software mode, plus it looks better! Software mode is only for those poor fools running on old crap computers and people with laptops and no 3d acceleration :)
Actually, software drivers are GOOD. :) They are a LOT more compatible than the hardware ones, almost all special effects that don't work/run slow in hardware run fine in software. Also, several people prefer software drivers for playing 2D games.

I'm not telling you to stop using hardware drivers, by all means! :) Just keep in mind that the software ones have their uses.

Oh, and plar135: Just follow Amberion's "PS" and you'll be fine.

[]s Badaro
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