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Framerate limiter turning off - FFVII

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Hey all,

Every nown and again when I play FFVII, the frame rate limiter suddenly turns off by itself, and I start getting crazy speeds. Since I can't adjust the video settings in-game, I have to restart the emulator (which can be annoying if i'm in between saves).

However, I noticed that if I simply "Esc" back to the GUI, then continue the game, the speed returns to normal (the music plays at regular speed). EXCEPT, the entire screen goes black and remains black so I can't see anything. This, again, forces a restart.

I am running the linux version of ePSXe 1.6,, with a GF 5600 Ultra graphics card.

I've tried both playing FFVII from disk (I have the original copy) and ripping it to ISO - both do the same.

Thanks for your help. BTW, great job on a fantastic piece of software!

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hm.. I don't work with linux, but I could give helping you a shot.

if you could give me a screen shot of the plugin config window I could help you a lot better.

I didn't realize you were using linux (tells you how much I read)
lol, you don't have enough problems do ya? I can't help with the pad problem. Do you have an ingame screenshot with the FPS display on?
I'll be back on Friday to help you.
Hatman said:
You on drugs or something? Could you stop spamming threads if you cant help. -.- Or at least read what your answering to thoroughly.
well, I try to help when I can, even if I don't use the bloody OS. I'm good with this kinda thing anyway.
hushypushy said:
I agree with Hatman. many of the posts you're making are either super generic help that doesnt really do anything, or uninformed. and posts like that are just ridiculous and pointless. so, i am officially warning you, give help only when you know what you're talking about ;) until then, browse a little and learn a little.
seems to me that you don't think I can help anyone that doesn't share what I have, I'm going to prove it to you that I can. I have worked with every operating system except Linux and Unix. however, I'm still able to fix things on them with a little guess and check.

THIS HAS BEEN EDITED TO SHOW CORRECT INFORMATION I appologise that I did not have this ready when I first posted this.
if you haven't gotten it working yet try this:
use framrate manual and set it to 60 (I set mine to 70, but I run with a crap system)
and turn these auto fixes on: ignore black brightness level and no blue glitches and the odd even hack. That should stop the screen from staying black when you continue. as far as the framerate hit delete when ingame that should bring up a framerate counter, if this does try using page up and page down to go to FL and make it look like this: "###.# *FL< FS DI GF A1 1" (the A1 1 could be different I've seen D1 1 on mine also. Also, you could set GF to *GF, I haven't noticed a difference personally.) This sets the auto framerate on (on windows anyway.) If this does not work please tell me and I'll do some research and see what I can dig up for you.
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I'm not BSing. but I really didn't know there were alot of OSes, I've only heard about the MAC, Win, Linux, and Unix.

as far as loading the ePSXe, did you read what I wrote, I haven't been at my computer for days, it's not at my house. it's at my grandmother's. and I'm not going back there till monday.

and so as you know, I'm not that relaxed, I wish I could sometimes though, there's those days...
um.. it does matter that I'm not at home, cause I cannot download anything here. if I was at school this would be a different matter.
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